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Since its establishment in 2007

May : Batch exporting to Japan for our AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine 

Oct:  The first Antarctic type 5kW/10kW pitch controlled wind turbines delivery 


Sep: AH-10kW pitch controlled wind turbine acquired the certification of Japan classNK.


Oct: The accumulative installation quantity of the mechanical centrifugal pitch controlled series wind turbine has exceeded 3000 sets.

Sep:Made-in-China MEI AWARDS Excellent Enterprise Award


Oct: Started to test several wind turbine system in Sunit wind farm in Innermongolia.


Jul: The first solar storage charging system was installed in South Africa.

Jun: The first distributed solar system was installed in Huizhou,Anhui.


Aug: AH-20kW started to export with large quantity to France,Italia and other European countries.

May:AH-30kW pitch-controlled wind turbine was successfully produced.


Aug: Started to copperate with CCTV to accelerate the brand promotion.

Aug:AH-20kW pitch-controlled wind turbine was successfully produced.

Mar: The company completed the reform of the shareholding system and changed name as Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd

Jan:5kW/10kW pitch-conbtrolled wind turbine acquired the installation license in Denmark.


Sep: Our own wind test farm started to be used in Qingdao.

Mar:AH-5kW/10kW pitch-controlled wind turbine started to be installed with large quantity in Europe,America,Aus trillia etc.


Dec:Firstly became the National High-tech Enterprise in small wind turbine field.

Nov:Intelligent safety protection system was successfully designed and produced,leading the unattended technology development in China


Nov:Became the Vice-chairman company of China small wind turbine association

Oct:10kW pitch-controlled wind turbine successfully produced.

June:First batch of 5kW pitch-controlled wind turbines were sent to Hainan province used for BTS station


Nov: 5kW pitch-controlled wind turbine successfully produced,leading technology in China small wind turbine field.


Apr:New established Qingdao Anhua Wind Power Company


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