Key technology Innovation Certificates Patents

World leading centrifugal mechanical pitch-controlled technology

      ANE is the first domestic company that developed small and medium centrifugal pitch controlled wind turbines and obtained the patent. This technology is one of innovation for small medium wind turbines and leads their development, also has truly realized win-win situation between safety and economy of small medium wind turbine .
Technical Characteristics
1. Leading technology
     (1) The accurate regulation:The pitch-controlled information input resource is rotating speed of the rotor, it’s steady, reliable and quick response etc.
     (2) The soft regulation:The pitch-controlled system can effectively absorb the impact of wind speed fluctuations, it’s low failure rate with soft regulation.

2. 30% more electricity than normal wind turbines

2.1 Low start up wind speed
     The double grade pitch-controlled structure offers a best start-up angle for the blades, which can start with 2.5m/s wind speed and improve the utilization rate of wind energy furthest below the rated wind speed.

2.2 Stable running above the rated wind speed
     The second grade pitch-controlled regulation will start when above the rated wind speed, the system will keep steady output of rated power.
     The features of lower start-up wind speed, the acceleration function after start-up and the steady output above rated wind speed ensures that there will be 30% more electricity than normal other wind turbine.

The constant highest voltage technology

Technical Characteristics
       The highest output voltage of wind turbine can keep steady through the combination of the accurate pitch-controlled technology and features of 3-phase AC synchronous PMG, the fluctuation range can be less than 2%. The stability greatly reduces the withstand voltage requirement for other peripheral electrical system and improves their reliability and survival ability, meanwhile, it also reduces their related cost.

Auto safety protection system

       ASP system, our patent technology,is unique protection system in China. It can control the wind turbine to run or stop intelligently by detecting the environmental wind speed and system voltage signals etc.
Technical Characteristics
    1. Pitch regulation and brake function:pitch-controlled system controls blade pitch during braking; brake system brakes wind turbine after pitch-controlled regulation.

    2. Electric controlling function:Electric controlling system can automatically control wind turbine stop or run by detecting environmental wind speed, system DC output voltage,on-position switch signal and other parameters.

    3. Upper monitor software function:The client can set different running parameters at different application field. Monitor system can be helpful in installation,maintenance and test. The RS485 DCS can guarantee the stability of long-distance communication signal.

Remote monitor system

Technical Characteristics
       The system can monitor the timely running state of wind turbine and send order to control the running state automatically. It also can send the state and failure information to the users through the wireless network to get rid of the failure.


Higher efficiency,lower noise blades,suitable for pitch controlled wind turbines

Technical Characteristics
The airfoil is chosen through aerodynamic simulation design and several rounds of wind tunnel test to make sure the highest utilization rate of wind power.

Reinforced fiber glass material and dense bones structure ensures the high strength and performance of the blade.

Blade testing from a certification institute in Denmark



Blade strength test in China

Three phase AC synchronous permanent magnet generator

Technical Characteristics

       Three phase AC PMG developed by ourselves adopts lower start-up resistance moment,1.5 times overload continuous working capacity,maintenance free for more than 30000 hours. When the output current comes up to the rated value, it will not increase along with the rising of rotating speed. Even over speed or short circuit,no over current for generator.


Patent tilt up tower

Technical Characteristics


  • Easy to install without any heavy equipment like crane,save installation cost.
  • Carry and installation is not limited by landform,especially for mountain area and island.
  • Tilt up tower, easy to install and maintenance.


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