Multi Energy Complementary Micro Grid Wind, Solar and Diesel Hybrid Off Grid Decentralized Wind Power On Grid Solar & Energy Storage Mini Grid
Multi Energy Complementary Micro Grid
System introduction

The system is combined by power source such as wind turbine system, solar array, diesel generator (gas generator); energy storage converter; micro grid controller, battery system and load system etc.

This system takes advantages of new energy and traditional energy integration, improves the system continuous, improves the grid quality, solves the power supply issue in remote area. It also be used in some area where have electricity price level -time, saving the electricity cost.

System explanation

1. System drawing

 2. System Components

Application Field

Industrial energy conservation; Oil energy reduction; Grid improvement; Scientific research demonstration; BTS power supply; Camp post; Island power supply; Enterprise selling electricity; Landscape lighting; Desalination field etc.

Technical advantages

1. High electricity Generation and Utilize ratio

1) The customized control system ensures the30%more electricity generation caused by pitch control system

2) Rich experience in over 70 micro grid system projects. We can optimum the energy sources’ percents and dispatching to ensure the best generation

2. High cost performance

1) ANE energy system can manage the grid peak and valley, reducing the grid power consumption,then save energy cost.

2) The best system components match reduces the investment cost.

3. High capacity for customized development

ANE can customized develop the common AC, common DC or multi bus bar lines system for different micro grid system projects

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