Multi Energy Complementary Micro Grid Wind, Solar and Diesel Hybrid Off Grid Decentralized Wind Power On Grid Solar & Energy Storage Mini Grid
Solar & Energy Storage Mini Grid
System explanation

1. System drawing


2. System components and explanation


Application field


The system mainly be used for electrical car charging station, different kinds of parking, residential area, commercial center and so on. 

System introduction

This system includes solar panels, PV energy storage inverter, DC/AC load and Energy management mainly.

The electricity generated by solar panel or grid valley area will be stored into the battery/storage system, then supply power to the load or AC bus bar according to requirement.

This system can match the solar power capacity and energy storage capacity freely, then control the system running under different models, to realize the system freely running status and optimum as per the local power grid situation, installation environment condition and itself of system.

This system avoids the disadvantages of solar panels unstable and single output model, improves the power supply quality and stable

Technical advantages

1. Working model adjustable, Seamless switching for on grid model and off grid model

2. Can be integrated into the new energy car charger directly, realize the green driving.

Project show

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