Wind turbine Electric equipment
AH-30kW Pitch controlled wind turbine

★Leading technology——Intelligent control, the system can be expandable.

       1. Combine the world excellent wind control technology and self-developed pitch controlled technology

2. The hardware adopts international famous brand, the software adopts redundant control strategy.

3. It can be well compatible with various well-known brand converters and remote modules

★High safety——unattended continuous operation all the time

1. The rotate speed is regulated by pitch controlled mechanism all the time,the turbine can operate steadily even in worse wind condition.

2. More than ten redundant control strategies make sure the system safety and stability in all climate.

★Generate more power——Pitch controlled regulation,high efficiency, more than 30% output

1. Above rated wind speed, blade pitch angle will be passive regulated to keep full-power output.

2. Large working wind speed range(3-25m/s)


Basic information

Rated power:30kW Model:AH-30kW pitch controlled wind turbine
Rotor diameter:13.1m Blade:3*Reinforced FRP
Start-up wind speed:2.5m/s Rated voltage:DC450V/280V
Rated wind speed:11m/s Over wind speed protection:Pitch controlled+Intelligent safety protection system
Working wind speed:3-25m/s Tower type:Independent/Hydraulic
Survive wind speed:60m/s Rpm regulation : Mechanical centrifugal pitch controlled
Rated rpm:95r/min Wind direction finding method:Active yawing
Total weight:2800kg Working temperature:-25℃~50℃
Design grade:IEC II Tower height:≥20m
Noise level:≤60dB Design life:20years


Certifications and report CE Intertek
Annual power

Annual average wind speed 4m/s:23756kWh      Annual average wind speed 5m/s:41454kWh

Annual average wind speed 6m/s:59884kWh      Annual average wind speed 7m/s:79802kWh

Safety protection

Rpm regulation : Mechanical centrifugal pitch controlled

Lightning protection measures: lightning protection module + lightning protection grounding.

Over wind speed protection:Pitch controlled+Intelligent safety protection system

Surface anticorrosion: hot galvanizing + special anticorrosive paint.

Generator Type:Direct drive 3 phase AC PMG      Protection class:IP54      Insulation class:F
Solution Plan
Application field

Micro grid power station. on-grid system; wind and solar hybrid system; GSM base station, frontier sentry, island and sight lighting system and so on.

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