Multi Energy Complementary Micro Grid Wind, Solar and Diesel Hybrid Off Grid Decentralized Wind Power On Grid Solar & Energy Storage Mini Grid
Decentralized Wind Power On Grid
System Explanation

1. System drawing

2. System components and explanation

Application Field

Suitable for anywhere where there is over 4m/s wind speed. Home, farm, industry, industry park and small investment wind farm etc field

System Introduction

This system is combined by one/more set of pitch controlled wind turbine, grid tied converter, grid tied distribution system etc. It uses the good wind source to generate electricity, then get the income by selling electricity. It also realize the enterprise’s environment target for energy save and carbon emission reduction

Technical advantages

1. High reliable

The patent centrifugal pitch controlled wind turbine can suit for all range of climate, can be installed at the hard environment area where are with winter alpine, high temperature, humidity in rainy season, coastal salt fog, high altitude or desert Gobi etc. Several wind turbines can work independently, no interference. The system match failure is zero.

2. High safety

The safety is a key characteristics for pitch controlled wind turbine. The patent centrifugal pitch control technology can limit and stable the max rotating speed and output voltage. The ASP system is a patent product which has multi protection function for over rotating speed, over voltage and over wind speed etc.

3. High efficiency

ANE spent lots of energy, time and human to do the system match among wind turbine, controller, inverter and parameter setting which influence the output service. All of this ensure the best grid tied status and efficency.

4. High income

The wind turbine has low wind speed start characteristics, stable generation in wind speed range of 12~25m/s. the annual generation can be more 30% than normal wind turbine.

5. More smart

ANE holds the self-developed “aneview” monitoring system, which can real time monitor every wind turbine set’s running status, then do the remote analysis, recovery and data analysis

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