Wind turbine Electric equipment
On-grid controller inverter all-in-one cabinet

This product is designed on the basis of our pitch controlled wind turbine characters,adopting the international advanced electric control technology, which is developed as one of the best non-micro grid type all-in-one converter cabinet in this industry.


1. The main circuit is adopting of the DSP chip from USA TI company,the IGBT module and the driving protection movement from Japan Mitsubishi.The on-grid output module is configured with isolation transformer,it’s safety and reliable.

2. The on-grid inverter part is highly integrated with the rectification controller part,it’s more efficiency with smaller size,the conversion efficiency can reach to 96%.

3. The all-in-one cabinet is adopting of SPWM (Silent Pulse Width Modulation) technology,with pure sine wave output,automatically synchronizes with the grid,the power factor is close to 1,low current harmonic content, there is no pollution or impact to the public grid.

4. It’s with wind power input maximum power point tracking technology(MPPT).

5. The on-grid invert current is loop-closed controlled, the feeding-in power can be controlled and regulated.

6. The RS485 communication is available,the remote data collection and monitoring function can be realized through mainframe monitor system.

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